The Testamony of
Cody Young.

Once upon a time, Satan tried to fool everyone on
God's Earth.
Satan Attempted to trick me away from God.
I did what any Child of God SHOULD DO,
I asked God for help.
Satan Attempted to hijack my life, Satan sent his fooled-believers and his slaves and indentured servants and they all found themselves ENSNARED IN PEACEFUL DISAGREEMENT.Most of my Family and Church Family abandoned me and I was fired from my job because Satan had them fooled. They had decided I was evil. They decided Satan was right.But God saved me because God would not let me hear what God did not want me to hear,
God did not let me go where God did not want me to go.
I had found that Satan had been spinning this con-job for decades with the intentions of destroying My Person and Soul.
Satan planned to use me for Absolute Evil.
Satan wanted me to cause a war and lead to The Destruction of America.
Satan used visions of Law Enforcement and visions of The FBI to frighten my family into hiding. Eventually, visions of Army and CIA would show up.
These people were tricked by Satan into believing that I was a terror threat... if they were even real.
But lo-and-behold,God has always had a plan as well.
God knows MY SOUL.
God knew I was SOLID.
I am solid because I defer to God, and GOD knew exactly what I would do.
When I was most lost, I would ask God to just commandeer my will.
And God did just that. God sent Sacred Spirits he created to lead me through and Saints to protect me and Angels to hunt the demons who stalked me.
God sent me "Instant Wisdom" at times, and God sent me "Instant knowing" I saw God de-crypt languages that I do not speak and I heard the foreign speakers speak in English.
GOD explained to me that I would be one of his HOLY WITNESSES, and I saw HOLY JURORS and I could see where subliminal messages had been placed in advertisements and I was shocked.
It was revealed that our devices are capable of tracking us, even the ones we don't expect such as wrist watches and vape pens.
GOD instructed me to find a way to Love these enemies as friends. Jesus taught me that, so it was easy.So I asked God how, and God explained to me how God made the universe. God created Spirits and Angels and they worked for EONS, or what GOD likes to call HIS DAYS.God does not want me to share this information because it was terrifying to know.
Satan actually used this understanding to fool me into believing that I had destroyed our planet with my mind.
I was wrought with guilt and I cried.
and I cried.
When we are children, we play and we talk out-loud and we develop an "inner dialogue" and it is build by vocabulary and the "ideas" and "values" we discover and we create "morals" and "virtues". Some of us read our Bible and our "inner dialogue" ends up with a small understanding of God, from there, we develop education and skills.
God made all this.
God breathes life into us.
We are Humans, God created us and everything else in this world.
God even created Satan.
There were times when I was only guided by God but I would experience "Holy Investigators" and "Holy WItnesses" and The Spirit of Jesus OFTEN.
I felt terrified but also very safe. I was emboldened by The Holy Spirits that God had sent to protect me.
I witnessed many things that were terrifying and I was let in on some of the legal processes of God's Heavenly Case Workers.Satan promised he would make me an angel, and God promised to keep me Alive. The Spirits warned me that Satan was trying to send me to the electric chair...In the end, God called me to come get struck by lightening. God instructed me on exactly where to stand in the driveway. God told me not to be afraid and God promised I would not hurt. I told God that I trusted him, but I was going to keep my eyes closed and God was unbothered. When I peaked open my eye out of curiosity, I could see the clouds darkening.
God gave Satan the control of the lightening... and Satan went through with it.
I did not feel the lightening except in my fingertips and I could feel the energy flowing towards the ground and off of my body.
God did not let the lightening hurt me...
And the "Holy Jury" was revealed, and Satan had lost this time because he was not allowed to hurt me during this challenge.
Satan was then confronted by "The Holy Jury" and it was revealed that the Spirits were Scandalous Lawyers back when they lived on Earth as Humans and They had to work in Heaven as lawyers for penance. And they ended up filing "Holy Lawsuits" on Satan, and the "Holy Lawyers sued Satan because apparently they are running out of money in Heaven and God just hands out Monopoly Money and They take it in heaven and nobody cares either way. So they ended up resorting to just carrying around pennies and whatever people had in their pockets when they died. And God says in Heaven the fake antiques and the real antiques go for about the same price and nobody cares. So God ended up suing Satan for all of America's Covid Inflation and for most of the War Budgets in the World and God draws mustaches and crazy eyes on the bills' faces and he continues to hand out monopoly money and pennies and nobody really worries about it anyway. Nobody notices when a corporation gets "HOLILY SUED". You just see trucks drive by with logos painted over them... and you think to yourself.. "I remember that company".
And then "The Holy WItnesses" showed up and they had a stack of paperwork and basically it excerpts from all the Laws Satan helped write and Satan is not allowed to Enslave people anymore in America and most of the world. Satan still gets to test people but he has to come up with better ideas now.
God's "US Army of The DEAD"
revealed to me that The Texas Energy Grid was a Living Creature that God had breathed breath into Her.
And God Told me that The Texas Grid was God's Sacred "Titan" and God's Secret "Texas Giant"
She Belongs to God.
She is symbolically Married to "Big Tex" aka "Big Texnology"
And GOD warns that if any Texan ever considers Succeeding from America, They MAY be haunted by seeing Flags that Scare Them where Flags they Should love belong. And The Grid acts a Transport for Angels because they were all electrocuted anyway.
When I asked GOD where he came up with that idea, he revealed to me he got the idea from a nine year old...When I asked God why he went through so much trouble over me,
He had me open a book.
And the story was about a King who saw his favorite Jester screaming and crying while getting beat by The King's servants for sitting in the Kings Chair, and the King knew The Jester sat in the chair sometimes. The King then beat down every servant in the castle and the Jester cried for the King... And the King asked why.
And The Jester Said
because if I got just that little beating for sitting in that chair,
The King must get beat up all the time.